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Suzhou Dongshan Metallurgy Machinery Factory (Suzhou Ding Feng heavy machinery plant) is a production of a large welding, machining capacity and capability of the integrated equipment assembly machinery manufacturing enterprises.

we have perfect quality control system, and has adopted the Beijing New Century Certification of quality system certification.

The factory has large welding shop , heavy machine shop and assembly shop. Major equipment: HTM-50GM CNC Gantry milling (18M*5M*2.75M ), HTM160F CNC boring and milling machine (16M*5M ), T6920D Floor Boring and milling machine (4500*13000), T6916B digital Floor boring and milling machine (3000*6000), X2025*80 Signifcant number of gantry milling machine, X2020*60 Signifcant number of gantry milling machine(2000*2000*6000), HTM-3216Gprocessing center, HTM-6228G high-precision machining centers and integrated manufacturing capabilities.

Our company has a strong ,serious and responsible management team, our mcin products are: metallurgical continuous casting equipment: ladle turret, Segment casting assembly,the mold frame,mold tanks,tankers and other related intermediate Casting equipment;metallurgical continuous casting equipment;metallurgical rolling equipment:hot and cold control roller,six high precision,short stress and high-speed wire rod rolling mill,we aso provide complete sets of metallurgical process line equipment to domestic and foreign famous enterprises.

The company always carries though the honest,progressive,innovative corporation culture and the concept of everything is for serving users.And with high quality products,professional talents, sufficient practical experiences to meet every customer’sneeds and provide the integrated Services at all time.

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